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Nurses Accidentally Throw Out Brother’s Donated Kidney

A law suit has been filed by a woman against the University of Toledo, Medical Center, in Ohio for having allegedly, wrongfully discarded her brother’s donated kidney after it was removed.  While the hospital allegedly made attempts to reasonably accommodate the patient and her family by helping her find another donor and providing her with

Is Publix Telling the Truth About “Truth in Damages” for Slip and Fall Accident Victims

Another attempt to unfairly limit damages in jury awards for Florida Personal Injury victims is underway.  Two of Florida’s most successful businesses are behind the effort to re-write Florida’s long standing damage laws.  The industry leaders - Publix Supermarkets and Walt Disney World intend to change the manner in which medical damages are awarded against

Football Player Awarded $2,000,000 for Injuries from Defective Walker

Recently a Philadelphia jury was asked to consider a products liability claim of left tackle Jason Peters who claimed to have suffered a re-injured tort Achilles tendon after the “roll-about knee walker” he was using as an aid subsequent to his initial surgery broke causing him to undergo a second surgery.  Typically walkers such as