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City Bus Driver Killed In Intersection Crash

A tow truck driver allegedly was speeding through an intersection at more than sixty miles per hour slamming into a city bus.  A lawsuit is being brought against the tow truck driver.  Additionally, it has been alleged that the seat belt restraint system in the bus apparently neglected to restrain the bus driver causing the

Unfortunate Church Van Roll-Over Crash In Florida

On Saturday, September 14, 2013 a tragic crash occurred on Interstate 75 after a van carrying 15 church members rolled over due to an alleged blown tire.  Several of the injured were taken to Lee Memorial Hospital and others have been either released or transferred. Unfortunately, two of the church members have subsequently passed away. 

A 2013 Tribute To 9/11

Today is a day of reflection that resonates throughout each and every one of us in some fashion or other; It is a time of sorrow for those who had been ruthlessly murdered and it is also a time to appreciate how fundamentally fortunate we are as Americans to live in our great country; 9/11

Golf Cart Accidents Involving Injuries and Deaths

The Associated Press reported on September 9, 2013 another fatal injury involving a golf cart.  Therein, a young male had succumbed to fatal injuries after suffering a head injury from being involved in a roll over of the golf cart he was riding in.  The news agency reported that the golf cart may have been

Another Attempt To Limit Medical Malpractice Victim’s Rights Is Underway

Speaker of the House Boehner is committed to passing law which will allegedly shield pro-Obamacare doctors, medical and drug device companies, hospitals and nursing homes from malpractice lawsuits.  It is being touted as an effort to stop “costly junk lawsuits and curb defensive medicine.”  Evidently, this legislation (in its’ 2011 proposal) was deemed unconstitutional, because