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Family Sues School over Daughter’s Cheerleading Injuries

Florida parents filed a lawsuit in Tennessee claiming that Sumner County schools were responsible for their daughter, a Portland High School cheerleader, being injured after allegedly being forced to perform unsafe maneuvers by the school’s cheerleading coach. The parents, Andrew and Keyana Hobdy, filed the lawsuit which seeks $300,000 in damages from the school system. 

Drunk Driver Sentenced After Death of Pregnant Newlywed

Rosa Rivera Kim, 37, of Plantation entered pleas of guilty to the two counts of DUI manslaughter she faced in the death of the 26-year-old Alanna DeMella and her unborn child.  DeMella was seven months pregnant at the time of the crash.  Kim has been sentenced to fifteen years for the crime. DeMella was killed

10-Year-Old Boy Suffers Face Fracture in Bottle Attack

In Glasgow, Scotland, a 10-year-old boy on the way to his first “Old Firm” match, was injured when he was hit by a bottle thrown into a minibus by a man wearing green clothing, according to police. The “Old Firm” is a collective name for the Glasgow Association football clubs Celtic and Rangers.  The rivalry