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Florida Driver Using Selfie-Stick Films His Own Accident

An unfortunate driver from Oakland, Florida, unintentionally filmed his own motor vehicle accident while using a Go-Pro camera attached to a selfie-stick as he drove behind a friend’s vehicle on a dirt road through the swamps of central Florida. In the footage, which has since gone viral on YouTube, the driver can be seen looking

Unlicensed, Uninsured Drivers a Growing Problem in Florida

With hundreds of thousands of drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents each day, is there any way to determine how many of these motorists are legally permitted to be operating a vehicle? Data obtained in recent research done by the Florida Highway Patrol show just over 13 percent of drivers in Duval, Clay and St.

Head-On Collision in Weston, Florida Kills 4, Injures 1

Florida Highway Patrol stated that four people were killed and one person was seriously injured after a collision involving two vehicles. Spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol says the head-on collision happened on September 8, at around 9:30 p.m. on northbound U.S. 27 in Weston, located about 20 miles west of Fort Lauderdale. Three of

Is the State of Florida Really Providing Meaningful Liability Insurance Coverage to Florida Claimants?

A recent article published in the “Tallahassee Democrat” reported that the State of Florida has decided to “reconnect” with Gallagher & Company, and “…is now offering $2,000,000.00 professional liability insurance coverage for educators and instructional staff. . .” But how many potential Florida claimants will ultimately be the beneficiaries of that insurance? Florida Statute §768.28

Florida Student Injured in Auto Accident While Traveling in Cuba – Is She Insured?

A University of South Florida student, Barbara Jimenez, was involved in a very serious automobile accident in Cuba. The student was seriously injured. Her cab driver was killed; her boyfriend was also seriously injured, as well as two relatives who also suffered their own bodily injuries. Through the generosity of a medical transport company, Ms.