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The End of No-Fault Insurance in Florida?

State lawmakers are contemplating ending Florida’s no-fault auto insurance system.  A new law could nix the current system in 2019 and is being done in response to the allegedly increasing problem of insurance fraud.  Like any state, Florida insurers have faced fraud and insist that no-fault is to blame.  Lawmakers claim that this will help

Florida Supreme Court Denies Workers Comp Challenge

The Florida Supreme Court has rejected a lawsuit that called into question the constitutionality of the state’s workers’-compensation insurance system. Justices declined to hear a Miami-Dade County case that endangered the longstanding concept that disputes involving workers injured on the job should be handled through the workers-compensation system as opposed to civil lawsuits. The high

Are the Drug Companies Overstimulating us with TV Ads?

The New York Times has recently published an editorial concerning the seemingly endless television advertisements from drug manufacturers claiming to ease all sorts of our potential issues from pain, sleeplessness, sexual dysfunction-frankly the list is endless and in my opinion quite painful in and of itself to have to endure.  The American Medical Association has