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Consolidated PIP Cases to be heard by Florida Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal by a large auto insurer in a dispute about fees paid to health providers who treated patients injured in motor vehicle accidents. The case will be heard after the 4th District Court of Appeals ruled last year in favor of the medical providers. That ruling,

Should Florida Patients with Minor Injuries Be Put Through CT and MRI Scans?

A recent study suggests that more and more people with minor injuries are increasingly being given CT Scans despite widespread efforts to reduce the unnecessary use of such diagnostic tests, according to a recent study.  While the focus on reducing the prevalence of these test has been primarily on children, adults who go to their

New Auto Insurance Legislation Could Lead to More Fraud

A minor change in Florida’s new auto insurance legislation could potentially have a big impact on the state’s drivers, including the possibility of increased fraud. Since 1989, Florida law enforcement and insurance companies have used a “pre-insurance” inspection requirement as a tool against fraud to safeguard consumers.  But the new legislation being proposed, part of