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Robot Lawyer Scoring Victories for Clients

A free online “chatbot” lawyer has overturned roughly 160,000 parking tickets for clients in London and NYC, saving users millions in fines. The robot lawyer, which is essentially a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, uses a chat-based interface to guide users through a range of questions to determine if the parking

Bus and Truck Involved in Fatal Florida Accident

Five people were killed and another 25 injured when a bus collided with a tractor trailer, causing both vehicles to become engulfed in flames. The bus was coming from Georgia and was carrying over 30 passengers when it allegedly ran a flashing red light before colliding with the tractor trailer. After hitting the truck, the

Fatal Accident Involving Trailer Serves as Reminder to South Florida Drivers

An unfortunate fatal auto accident in South Florida has, once again, raised the need for awareness about the subject of towing and trailer safety on the roads of South Florida. Even though many seem like unavoidable or random accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says approximately trailer-related accidents account for eight fatalities each week

Florida Lawmakers Continue to Probe the Viability of PIP Insurance

Florida Dept. of Financial Services officials are currently seeking outside funding to conduct a study weighing the benefits of Florida’s no-fault auto insurance, also known as “PIP” Insurance, and whether the state would be better served to drop the coverage requirement. In March of 2012, legislation was introduced claiming to eliminate an estimated $1 billion