A tow truck driver allegedly was speeding through an intersection at more than sixty miles per hour slamming into a city bus.  A lawsuit is being brought against the tow truck driver.  Additionally, it has been alleged that the seat belt restraint system in the bus apparently neglected to restrain the bus driver causing the driver to be ejected upon impact.  The information available alleges that the driver had engaged the safety restrained system.

Fortunately, the bus had no other passengers since there could have been many other seriously injured victims.  The bus had sustained severe property damage (there was a hole in the bus) as well as the accident caused a city fire hydrant to be seared off.  Also unfortunate is the tow truck driver who remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Accidents of this nature are quite inexplicable considering the sheer presence of a city bus and how unimaginable it is for one in a tow truck to not be able to notice a bus before entering into an intersection.  Of course that could explain why the driver of the tow truck also ran a red light.

In Florida an accident of this nature would limit the driver’s compensation from worker’s compensation to a mere $100,000, pursuant to Chapter 440 of the Florida Statutes.  Furthermore, this mere amount can be staggered over 5 years in a Florida worker’s compensation death claim.

If this accident occurred in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the estate of the deceased city bus driver could bring a wrongful death lawsuit against not only the driver, and the tow truck company, but maybe also against the bus manufacturer, as well, in order to seek compensation for all damages pursuant to Chapter 768 Florida’s Wrongful Death Act.

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