One child was killed and three others badly injured in a startling motor vehicle accident in Deerfield Beach on Thursday, May 28.  The collision, involving a Ford Ranger and a Nissan Altima, took place shortly after 4 p.m. near the intersection of Hillsboro Boulevard and NW 2nd Avenue.

The Nissan sedan’s passenger side was almost completely crushed.  The children riding in the vehicle included an 11-year-old, two 6-year-olds, and a 4-year-old who were all rushed from the scene in critical condition.  The children were all taken to Broward Health Medical Center, one of whom was airlifted.

One of the 6-year-olds, a female passenger of the Nissan, later died from her injuries.  It is speculated that some of the children may not have been properly restrained in the vehicle.  The children’s mother was injured in the accident as well, but was described as “hysterical” in a state of concern for the well-being of her children.

The driver of the pickup truck as well as the passenger stayed on scene and were interviewed by police.  Both were visibly shaken.

The cause of the accident is still being determined by investigators.

It is imperative that when driving with passengers in your vehicle, you take the time to ensure that everyone is properly seated and restrained.  Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time, and are most always unexpected.  Failing to use the proper restraints provided in a vehicle will often lead to more serious injuries, and has the potential to impact the amount of recovery in a claim against an at-fault insurer.

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