An “artificial-intelligence attorney” created by IBM has been recently enlisted by a major law firm.  The law firm claims that it will use the “A.I.” lawyer as a resource for its other attorneys in its bankruptcy division.

The robotic attorney, named ROSS, is considered to be an advanced research tool, with the ability to read and draw conclusions from existing law to answer questions about specific questions it is faced with.  The machine is capable of continuously learning to improve its work as it progresses.  ROSS could potentially be used to streamline law firms and make them more efficient as it is utilized to familiarize its human counterparts with an ever-expanding body of law.  As opposed to painstakingly reading through case law line by line, ROSS could be used to locate specific information in a matter of seconds.

The creator of the robot plans to expand its capabilities beyond bankruptcy law to include other areas such as intellectual property, employment, criminal and tax law.  Considering the highly competitive legal landscape in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami areas, as well as other regions throughout South Florida, it is likely that robots like ROSS will soon be assisting lawyers locally. 

Despite the advantages of technology in the area of legal research, and the importance of streamlining a law firm to maximize efficiency, artificial intelligence faces a much tougher task in replicating the other functions that lawyers provide to clients.  In many circumstances when a potential client seeks the services of an attorney, they are dealing with difficult circumstances arising from car accidents injuries, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and others, all of which require a very human touch.

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