Authorities claim that an alleged drunk driver crashed into a vehicle that was stopped on the side of I-75 near Naples, Florida, killing one man.

The driver, Samantha Robson, is accused of driving her vehicle under the influence and causing the car accident. Florida State Troopers allege that Ms. Robson struck the minivan as it was pulled over when she ran her car off the road. Two of the minivan’s occupants were outside of the vehicle because of car trouble. Ms. Robson allegedly struck the couple throwing them into the air.

While the male occupant died on scene, an injured female was life-flighted to Lee Memorial Hospital where she remains in critical condition.

Ms. Robson faces charges after a recent arrest for DUI in Orlando last February, for which she received probation.

Driving under the influence has the potential to come with devastating consequences. However, any impairment or distraction while driving, including texting while driving can have the same effect on one’s ability to operate a vehicle as alcohol. When driving, always be aware of your surroundings and those driving in close proximity to you, and be on the lookout for erratic drivers. If you do find yourself to be in an accident caused by another driver, be sure to contact an experienced attorney to make sure the other parties involved are held responsible.

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