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Apple Introduces Software Aimed at Curbing Phone Use Behind the Wheel

Apple has announced an upcoming software update that will include a feature it hopes will help keep drivers from using their phones while driving.  The Do Not Disturb While Driving Mode will enable iPhones to detect when someone may be driving and will automatically silence notifications to keep the screen dark.  Users will have the

Distracted Driving Accidents – Should Florida Strengthen its Texting-While-Driving Laws?

If you’ve ever driven on the roads of Broward and Miami-Dade counties, you know just how treacherous it can be. A major factor that increases the danger of South Florida roadways is distracted drivers, namely those who text while driving. Almost everyone with a driver’s license is probably guilty of texting behind the wheel at

Florida Driver Using Selfie-Stick Films His Own Accident

An unfortunate driver from Oakland, Florida, unintentionally filmed his own motor vehicle accident while using a Go-Pro camera attached to a selfie-stick as he drove behind a friend’s vehicle on a dirt road through the swamps of central Florida. In the footage, which has since gone viral on YouTube, the driver can be seen looking

Woman Charged in Fatal South Florida Car Accident

Authorities claim that an alleged drunk driver crashed into a vehicle that was stopped on the side of I-75 near Naples, Florida, killing one man. The driver, Samantha Robson, is accused of driving her vehicle under the influence and causing the car accident. Florida State Troopers allege that Ms. Robson struck the minivan as it