Auto Insurer and Hospital Dispute Access to Treatment Costs

On May 4, 2016, the Florida Supreme Court will hear oral arguments regarding a dispute between State Farm and Shands Jacksonville Medical Center involving contracts and other documents that contain revealing information about how much the hospital charges different insurers for the same or similar services. State Farm is attempting to obtain access to these

Florida Death Penalty Law Changes Amid Legal Challenges

Governor Rick Scott signed Florida’s new death sentence law as legal efforts by several death row inmates mounted in an effort to stay alive, contending that they were sentenced under a system that has been declared unconstitutional. The inmates have asked the Florida Supreme Court to reduce their death sentences to life imprisonment without parole. 

Same-Sex Spouses Still Not Recognized on Birth Certificates in Florida

Despite the fact that same-sex couples go through the ups and downs of experiencing pregnancy just as their heterosexual counterparts, they must face the additional hardship of knowing that one spouse will not be memorialized on the child’s birth certificate as a natural parent immediately. Instead, same-sex spouses must face the additional hurdle of enduring

Insurance Commissioner Suggests Repealing No-Fault Law

Florida’s Insurance Commissioner, Kevin McCarty, recently proposed to repeal the Personal Injury Protection car insurance system, allegedly due to its alleged propensity for fraudulent activity. Florida’s no-fault system of “PIP” insurance essentially provides $10,000 coverage for reasonable and customary medical expenses and loss of income related to a covered accident, regardless of who is found

Should Volkswagen Be Held Responsible in Florida Courts for Their Emissions Scandal

Volkswagen is already facing 34 federal lawsuits from people claiming their cars are less valuable due to its emission testing scandal. The company has admitted that its diesel cars had software that cheated on various federal and state emission tests. The cars would only turn on the top emission controls when they were being tested,