In a recent Federal Court Order, lawyers from around the United States were chosen to lead numerous lawsuits involving alleged injuries from the drug Xarelto.

These lawsuits are filed against the manufacturer of Xarelto, Janssen Pharmaceutical, and the co-marketer, Bayer Healthcare.  According to the pleadings, these companies failed to warn patients and physicians about the increased risks of irreversible and fatal internal bleeding.  Plaintiffs allege that if these risks had been disclosed that doctors and patients alike would have opted to use the drug Warfarin, as an alternative.

Xarelto itself, is a blood-thinner that has been widely prescribed to prevent blood clotting resulting from certain blood, heart and other disorders.  The drug has generally prescribed as an alternative to Warfarin.

The potential side effect in question, severe internal bleeding, has no known antidote to reverse the bleeding.  Other potential injuries caused by Xarelto include blood clots; hematoma; peripheral edema; and difficulty breathing, among others.

If you are, or have, taken the drug Xarelto, it is critical that you attempt to avoid activities that could result in you being cut, bruised, or from bleeding in any way.  Further, make sure to inform all of your medical providers, including your dentist, of your use of Xarelto, especially prior to having any medical or dental procedures performed.

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