Hurricanes and particularly Irma, teach us that we can’t take paradise for granted. Hurricanes teach us the need for preparation, vigilance and strict attention to safety-first principles.

Floridians have been blessed with a robust construction boom throughout our state and particularly in our rising cities – such as Miami & Fort Lauderdale-due to our ever-blossoming real estate growth. Businesses and individuals desire to move to Florida from all over the United States, South America, and globally. Florida is typically a paradise, and well worth working and living in, except when tragedy like Hurricane Irma strikes. The signs of our success have been scattered throughout our city skyscapes, identified by those monstrous cranes that allow the downtown Fort Lauderdale and Miami cities to seamlessly expand, while our day to day business and personal lives try to co-exist around this potentially dangerous construction.

Construction needs to go on while we work and go about our daily lives, but how much risk does the construction pose for us during hurricane season?

One of the lessons we learned during Hurricane Irma is that we may need better construction safety guidelines directed towards the massive cranes used for construction.

There are times in which the construction industry may try to avoid safety regulations, codes and ordinances in order to accelerate construction or possibly reduce their overhead.

The Schulman Law Group has litigated cases related to lapses in construction safety guidelines to recover for the loss of life of our clients’ loved ones – under much less dangerous environmental challenges, such as the collapse of an energy plant in Miami Dade county that was essentially caused by the builders ultra-hazardous use of a crane, at the fatal risk of our client’s husband.

So, in times of almost certain peril, like when Hurricane Irma was approaching, building contractors need to be held to the most caring standards for our public’s safety. Frankly, when cranes or other construction equipment is left in harm’s way, shouldn’t they be held accountable for the foreseeable consequences of leaving us at the risk they pose?

If you, or someone you care for may have suffered an AVOIDABLE INJURY OR DAMAGE related to negligence related to Hurricane Irma and construction sites, we have the know how and experience to assist you in recovering rightful damages. Feel free to contact us by calling (954) 349-3300 or emailing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.