A woman allegedly driving drunk, sent a text message to an ex-boyfriend, detailing the fact that she was intoxicated while driving and that if anything were to happen, it would be his fault.

Mila Dago allegedly texted “Driving drunk woo…I’ll be dead thanks to you.”

There is no specific scientific data that I am relying up to support the following statements. They are based upon my own observations. From what I observe, more than 70% of Fort Lauderdale, Weston, Pembroke Pines, Florida, drivers are looking at their cellphones while driving – and probably attempting to type and read from it – while they were attempting to operate a motor vehicle.

Based upon my observations, almost without exception each one of these individuals are not driving safely. They are weaving, staying stopped after the light changes, not noticing traffic slowing or stopping ahead of them, and generally placing everyone’s life at risk!

The act of looking away from the road to use the visuals on your cell phone, by not focusing in front of you – behind you – at your mirrors, from not maintaining 100% of your focus on safety – is the act of 100% compromise of the safe operation of your motor vehicle and everyone else on the roadway!

Something must be done to prevent the visual use / distraction of cell phone usage while operating a moving vehicle. While this Wall Street Journal article suggesting that law enforcement is attempting to crack down on texting while driving by using law enforcement personnel driving in disguise, is a start, there is no question that this alone – as well as leaving it up to the driver to stop –is not enough!

The manufacturers must develop and implement the technology to shut off a cell phone’s visual functions (i.e. internet, emails, or texting) while that user is driving. It should be the responsibility of the manufacturers / the technology firms, to finally implement safety shut-offs of their cellphones in the driver’s seat of cars; and not shift the responsibility to the drivers and law enforcement, or the legislature. It’s just not realistic, or enough.

We must stop this distraction to prevent drivers from placing us all at serious risk on Florida highways.

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