Uber, the popular ridesharing app, recently announced that it will now offer a feature on its app where passengers can choose to tip their drivers for good service.  In an effort to promote this feature, and build some good will after months of apparent trouble in the press, Uber also offered to match tips made to their drivers.

In recent times, Uber has been receiving press coverage regarding alleged outcry from some drivers and those who support them, to offer increased pay and the option to leave tips for drivers.

Uber’s rapid expansion and popularity has evidently not come without some negative aspects.  Here in South Florida, city governments in Fort Lauderdale and Miami initially resisted Uber’s entrance into these markets, stating safety and lack of regulation as primary concerns.  More probable was the possibility that the powerful, deeply-entrenched taxicab companies were lobbying both publicly and behind the scenes to thwart Uber and other companies from offering these services to the South Florida market, because they knew that these ridesharing companies provided a service that the general public considered a better option than the costlier taxicabs.

While Uber has had certain difficulties throughout South Florida, and all over the world for that matter, the service they provide and the reasonable cost associated with that service have led to widespread popularity among riders, not only with Uber, but other ridesharing services throughout South Florida, as well.

And it is noteworthy to state that with more Uber vehicles on the road, more car accidents involving such Uber vehicles is bound to follow, along with increased passenger injuries.

If you have been injured in a South Florida car accident involving in Uber vehicle, whether you were in the Uber vehicle or not, trying to determine applicable insurance coverage is difficult and should be left up to an experienced attorney.  If you have been injured as a passenger travelling in a South Florida Uber vehicle, it is imperative that you seek medical treatment immediately to treat your injuries.  The next step is to contact an experienced, skilled Fort Lauderdale Uber accident attorney, to make sure that all available insurance coverage is identified and that your rights are protected.  This will put you in the best position to obtain the most possible compensation in a future injury claim, whether your claims reach a jury’s verdict or is settled beforehand.

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