Two people were rushed by helicopter and three others were treated for injuries after a recent accident between a golf cart and vehicle during a recent parade in Florida.

The accident allegedly occurred when the golf cart was struck from behind by a much larger SUV, resulting in all five of the golf cart passengers being ejected.

Florida is somewhat unique in that Florida drivers are often forced to share the roadways with other vehicles such as golf carts, bicycles and others, which are legal to operate on roads in most areas of the state. However, these vehicles can also disrupt the flow of traffic because they generally travel at a lower speed, more so in areas where no additional lanes are available for cars to pass.

Drivers and passengers of golf carts must take extra precautions when using these vehicles, especially if they are being operated on open roads with cars and trucks speeding by. Most golf carts leave the occupants vulnerable to injury because they are not fully enclosed, in addition to the fact that the size, speed and weight of most other vehicles on the road are substantially more than that of a golf cart. This dangerous equation often leaves the occupants of a golf cart with significant injuries when involved in accidents with other vehicles.

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