The Associated Press reported on September 9, 2013 another fatal injury involving a golf cart.  Therein, a young male had succumbed to fatal injuries after suffering a head injury from being involved in a roll over of the golf cart he was riding in.  The news agency reported that the golf cart may have been modified, although the AP did not disclose in what manner.  The news agency also reported that there were four (4) other occupants in that golf cart before the incident occurred – two adults and two minors.  The details in that incident are sketchy but it is not unlikely that the vehicle was modified in such a way as to have potentially altered the center of gravity; which may be responsible for it having rolled over.

 Tragic incidents such as this involving golf carts, both on and off the streets, are not all that uncommon.  Statistically there is a report of at least one serious injury or death on a daily basis in the United States, arising out of the use of a golf cart.

A similar incident occurred on private property in Boca Raton several years back in which a young boy’s leg was almost completely severed off as a result of a roll over involving a golf cart being driven on the owner’s property.

Similarly, an individual had been run over by  a golf cart by his playing partner on a local Fort Lauderdale area golf course and had suffered life altering injuries as a result of that tragic event.

The public needs to be aware that the same responsibilities that govern the safe operation of any motorized vehicle apply to the safe operation of a golf cart; and that even under the relatively slow operational speed that most golf carts are driven, whether on the street or on a golf course, golf cart accidents can produce devastating, if not fatal injuries if one is careless, or there is a defect in the design or alteration of the device.

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