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If you have a reasonable belief that your loved one or someone you are concerned for may have been a victim of abuse while she or he was under the care of a nursing home or assisted living facility you owe it to them to have us investigate it. We will bring a claim, if it’s in your loved one’s best interests.

Nursing home or assisted living facility abuse can occur from a variety of circumstances. The innocent victims Nursing Home Abuse result are entitled to the best legal representation available in pursuing their claims.

Physical abuse, mental abuse, and possible sexual abuse, can occur at nursing homes, and assisted living facilities, putting the elderly at extreme risk of harm. For those of us who are caring for a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle in one of these types of facilities, we owe it to them to make things right.

These patients may at first present with initially unexplainable injuries (which maybe ultimately explained as a result of abuse) but they could fear coming forward against those who provide them assistance on a daily basis. Furthermore, because of their advanced age or other mental infirmities, the patient may not be aware of the abuse they are suffering at the hands of their providers. Many may feel a sense of shame or helplessness; and as a result, the abuse they are forced to suffer can go overlooked.

If you have a close friend or family member living in a nursing home, or assisted living facility, some signs of abuse to look for are dehydration, wandering, unexplained injuries, and bed sores. It is important to look for these injuries while visiting loved ones in order to curtail the abuse that goes on at these nursing homes.

The Schulman Law Group will be able to evaluate the facts and determine if it’s appropriate to pursue a claim against the nursing home or assisted living facility.