Results: Motor Vehicles 

$350,000.00 for a Schulman Law Group client who was sideswiped by an elderly driver causing a re-injury to our client’s neck that required a spinal fusion surgery. 

$330,000.00 for our client who rear-ended a disabled motorcycle on Alligator Alley resulting in injuries to his back.  The Schulman Law Group recovered against his uninsured motorist insurance.

$250,000.00 for our client who was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a head-on collision resulting in fractures in her wrist and ankle. 

$150,000.00 against a driver who made a U-turn in front of our client causing our client to re-injure a degenerative neck condition.

$150,000.00 for our client who suffered a fractured clavicle when a minor driver made a U-turn in front of his vehicle.

$150,000.00 for our client who re-injured his neck and required spinal surgery after a young driver rear-ended his vehicle and caused only $800.00 of damage to the car.

$100,000.00 plus for a minor client who was visiting with a non-custodial parent who carelessly allowed her to operate an ATV with another minor passenger.  She struck a tree and suffered dental injuries.