On Wednesday, July 23, 2014 a man in his fifties filed a very serious lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America.  Unfortunately, the basis of this suit is founded upon alleged scout leader sexual misconduct.  The suit also identifies this scout leader as having been previously banned for providing alcohol to underage individuals.  The suit claims that the BSA allowed the particular branch of the Boy Scouts of America to hire Calvin Malone in the 1970’s, despite having been previously banned for intoxicating young boys. The lawsuit claims in part that the Boy Scouts of America failed to provide proper warnings to the parents, or the young boys in the scout group regarding this alleged predator.  Of course the suit against scouting is centered upon the perceived high moral level of trust that scouting functions upon and how that trust, at least in this particular instance, had been breached.  In this lawsuit, records have been allegedly uncovered that the Boy Scouts of America had a file on this particular scout leader establishing that they were aware that he had sexually abused a child previously, as well as they knew of his propensity to serve alcoholic drinks to minors.  The suit discloses that Malone apparently had a method of encouraging his scouts to get so drunk until many of them passed out. Since these alleged acts occurred in the mid 1970’s the Plaintiff (who is undisclosed in this case at this time, and appears as “Jim Smith”) is currently in his 50’s.  Of course the Boy Scouts of America refuse to comment on the litigation just filed but, issued a statement that this form of abuse is contrary to everything that the Boy Scouts of America stands for. I submit to you that the reason why this particular suit is of significance is that it raises the important question of how many other ex-scouts may be out there who may have been subjected to similar misconduct, and have sat silently still, suffering this long? For further information or discussion on this serious topic feel free to contact the Victim’s Rights Attorneys at the Schulman Law Group at 954-349-3300, 1-877-529-0444 or at info@www.schulaw.com