CBS New York, and the Associated Press have recently reported that the mother of a boy who committed suicide after allegedly being the victim of “bullying” in Harlem, has filed a lawsuit.  The young victim, Joel Morales, who was 12 years old, took his own life at home by hanging himself in the shower.  The report claims that this child was victimized by other students because of his stature and a speech impediment.

The lawsuit names the aggressors, their parents and the Department of Education.  It is reported that this is a case of first impression in New York alleging that the Department of Education shares in the responsibility, because it failed to effectively stop the acts of ”bullying” against this young child.

Allegedly, the child’s mother had met with the bullies, their fathers, as well as school personnel; but that the acts of aggression only got worse thereafter.

Even moving the child to another school didn’t help – because the child remained in the same housing complex.  The aggressors would come by and throw sticks at the boys door.

This lawsuit can hopefully draw significant media attention to an apparently endless problem that plagues most communities and unfortunately does not seem to have an effective method for dealing with such destructive aggression.  This issue of allowing ongoing childhood abuse by other children obviously has profound implications and requires a concerted effort in order for it to be addressed on a national and community level and hopefully find some effective solutions, once and for all.

Parents throughout the country as well as Fort Lauderdale, Florida are endlessly dealing with the ramification of children who have it within themselves to attempt to dominate and belittle others without any true appreciation of its’ consequences.

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