A South Florida toddler has been put in a full-body cast after breaking his femur and suffering other injuries while jumping on a trampoline at an indoor trampoline park.
Family members of the injured Florida toddler claim that the indoor trampoline park essentially promoted the use of trampolines for young children, including toddlers, despite warnings from the medical community.
Medical experts say that trampoline-related injuries are common and have become a growing problem as trampoline parks become an increasingly popular destination for Florida children and families. An association of trampoline parks state that these indoor facilities have grown exponentially over the last five years, from 35 to an estimated 600, or more.
With the growth in popularity of these trampoline parks, and the risks inherent in using a trampoline, inevitably comes an increase in trampoline-related injuries. Considering that these parks cater predominantly to young children, the risk for severe injuries such as broken bones, head and spinal injuries, among others, are a cause for grave concern. Furthermore, the inherent nature of young children to become overly-excited or act in a manner conducive to injuries create difficulties for Florida trampoline parks to adequately supervise and protect these children to ensure a safe environment for them to play in their facilities.
A last note of caution for Florida parents and families who frequent these indoor trampoline parks: carefully review any waivers or other paperwork you may be asked to sign upon admission. These facilities attempt to leave you without legal recourse in the event your child or family member is injured at a Florida trampoline park. For these reasons, if you, your child, family member or someone you care for has been injured at a Florida trampoline park, it is crucial that you contact a skilled, experienced Fort Lauderdale injury attorney to investigate the matter, to ensure that an injured party’s rights are adequately preserved and competently represented.
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