A free online “chatbot” lawyer has overturned roughly 160,000 parking tickets for clients in London and NYC, saving users millions in fines.

The robot lawyer, which is essentially a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, uses a chat-based interface to guide users through a range of questions to determine if the parking tickets they have received can be appealed or not. If they are, the service then guides the user through the often-lengthy appeals process for fighting their tickets.

The website was created by scanning thousands of local and municipal documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, along with the guidance of traffic attorneys familiar with the local process.

The service has been available for about 21 months and has helped users successfully overturn roughly 160,000 of the total 250,000 cases it has assisted with, so far.

This blog is a follow-up to a previous article where we discussed how a major U.S. law firm had employed the services of an artificial-intelligence attorney created by IBM as an information resource to its bankruptcy attorneys.

As stories like these become more common, we must remember it is inevitable that there will be changes in how technology is utilized in the practice of law, as well as most other industries, as technology continues to advance and improve.

However, the success of the legal profession and our society’s goals of providing “justice for all” demands a decidedly human mind and reasoning capacity that can never be adequately programmed for; especially in an area of law like properly representing righteous victims who suffer personal injuries and damages arising from car accidents, slipping accidents, product failures, medical malpractice, and other negligently caused life-changing events that require skillful, caring legal counseling and advocacy based upon real law practice experience, hard work ethics and exhaustive preparation in order to provide extraordinary results for victims.

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