A California man sued Home Depot after sustaining traumatic brain injuries when metal boxes allegedly fell on his head while he shopped at a Home Depot store.

Lawyers for the injured Plaintiff argued that the severe brain injury he sustained would result in medical expenses costing in excess of $8 million over the remainder of his life.  Home Depot admitted liability in the incident, but maintained that the Plaintiff suffered a less serious brain injury than has been alleged, and that his current symptoms were the result of untreated psychological issues from which he can recover.  Attorneys for the Plaintiff were asking a jury to award $50 million in damages, while Home Depot argued that $1.3 million would be adequate compensation.

The Plaintiff’s case contends that a Home Depot employee on a ladder accidentally dislodged two metal boxes containing various supplies inside, which landed on the Plaintiff from a height of eight feet.  Plaintiff’s attorneys dropped the boxes on the courtroom floor to drive home the severe impact the boxes would have when dropped from a similar height.  Shortly after the incident, the Plaintiff developed nausea and worsening pain, and was diagnosed with a concussion.  Since, his symptoms have continued and he claims to have suffered significant neurological limitations.

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