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10-Year-Old Boy Suffers Face Fracture in Bottle Attack

In Glasgow, Scotland, a 10-year-old boy on the way to his first “Old Firm” match, was injured when he was hit by a bottle thrown into a minibus by a man wearing green clothing, according to police. The “Old Firm” is a collective name for the Glasgow Association football clubs Celtic and Rangers.  The rivalry

Cause of Death Determined in Teenager’s Horseback-Riding Accident

A teenager from Weston, Florida has been determined to have died from blunt head trauma while she was horseback riding in Southwest Ranches in December of 2014, according to the Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office. The autopsy stated that Maria Lucia Rodrigo was found last December 4, laying on the ground next to a horse

Punitive Damages Allowed Against Toyota in Florida Crash Case

A ruling by a Palm Beach Circuit Court Judge has taken the potential damages in a case against Toyota Motor Corp. from initial estimates of $15 million to $20 million to a staggering potential of $180 million, according to the plaintiff’s attorney. The Palm Beach County Judge, Meenu Sasser, informed lawyers for plaintiff, Bret Quinlan

Tampa High School Student Injured in Hit-and-Run; Arrest Made

A passenger of the vehicle that struck and injured 18-year-old Jackie Faircloth in Tallahassee on November 29, 2014, came forward to confess his knowledge of the accident and the driver days later.  Jacob Salow, a bartender at Pot Belly’s nightclub was a passenger in Devon Mark Dwyer’s red pickup on the night he struck Faircloth,

In Preventing Falls, Elder Care Facilities Struggle to Find Their Balance

Today, America is facing an aging population, and with the baby-boomer generation heading into retirement and beyond, the need for elder care and other related services is growing as well.  Not only will the next generation of seniors be larger in size, but because of the considerable advances made in health care, they will be