A 73-year-old woman travelling in the wrong direction on the Florida Turnpike collided with a tractor-trailer. The woman was travelling north in the southbound lanes and came upon the tractor-trailer so quickly that the truck driver was unable to avoid the car accident, resulting in a devastating head-on collision. The tractor-trailer then hit the guardrail and came to rest in the median, where the driver was left with serious injuries and transported to a local hospital.

While the truck driver appears to have not been at fault in this situation, it certainly highlights the dangers that we face when drivers of traditional cars find themselves alongside large and heavy tractor-trailers at highway speeds.

There are countless dangers that arise from the operation of large tractor-trailers. Anybody who has driven on I-95 in Miami to Fort Lauderdale and up through West Palm Beach can likely attest to how dangerous these roadways are, especially with the heavy tractor-trailer traffic coming and going to the ports in South Florida.

In addition, drivers themselves must take extra precautions while operating these vehicles on South Florida roadways. Unexpected issues such as a tire blowing out or a shift of weight within a cargo container can have serious consequences that a truck driver must be prepared for.

Auto accidents involving tractor-trailers occur often in the South Florida region, and are common on roadways from Fort Lauderdale to Davie, Weston, and other local areas. These collisions carry with them inherent complexity so if you find yourself involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer, be sure to consult an experienced and skillful Fort Lauderdale trucking accident personal injury attorney to ensure that your interests are competently represented.

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