Volkswagen is already facing 34 federal lawsuits from people claiming their cars are less valuable due to its emission testing scandal.

The company has admitted that its diesel cars had software that cheated on various federal and state emission tests. The cars would only turn on the top emission controls when they were being tested, and then dump up to 40 times the allowed level of a pollutant known as nitrogen oxide into the air when they were on the road.

While no accidents have been linked to the scandal, car owners are arguing that the resale value of their Volkswagen vehicles will be diminished by the deceptive practices.

Toyota recently agreed to pay car owners $1.1 billion in a federal class action suit related to the loss of resale value of cars that suffered from unintended consequences.

A suit filed this week in Alabama contends that owners of these Volkswagens paid thousands of dollars extra for the advertised perks, such as high fuel efficiency and performance with very low emissions, but these environmentally-friendly representations appear to have been a sham.
There are nearly 500,000 of the affected cars on roads in the United States.

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