Recently the press has been full of reports of how major manufacturers have been either issuing recalls for millions of automobiles manufactured over the last decade, or news that their vehicles, or birth control devices are causing bodily injuries.

USA Today reports that Toyota is still feeling the impact of one of the most significant fines ever imposed upon an automobile manufacturer, while at the same time they have announced that over six million vehicles worldwide have been recalled (including close to two million American models).

The question is, have these manufacturers all of a sudden had a rise in their moral character, or are they responding to the pressures of government fines, or the fear of civil liability.  I would like to submit to you that the more likely explanation is the overwhelming threat that the civil justice system bears upon these manufacturers if they are found liable for hundreds of thousands of potential injuries and deaths.

The debate is not whether or not a manufacturer can design or manufacture a perfect product – be it an automobile, an SUV or a pharmaceutical company creating a birth control device.  The question is one of corporate integrity and transparency.  How long have the manufacturers known of the defects in their automobiles, or products?  There are over 13 known deaths associated with the ignition key issue of General Motor vehicles.  There over 2.6 million cars being currently recalled by General Motors and yet according to, General Motors has known of this defect since at least 2005 and yet continued to either manufacture or withhold this safety information from the public threatened by this knowledge.

Are we to tolerate a corporate environment or government regulators that either intentionally withhold such information or look the other way at the risk of countless avoidable injuries or deaths.

You buy their cars and products.  You are the ones at risk.  You answer the questions.

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