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Florida Finally Addressing Texting While Driving

As incredible as it may seem, Florida has yet to address the issue of texting while operating a motor vehicle "a dangerous instrumentality" until this week. Many news sources are eager to report that this week a bill has already passed the Florida Senate that could make texting while driving illegal in Florida. I would

Concerns For Lag in Automobile Recalls in Weston, Florida

The New York Times recently published an article concerning the apparent delay that millions and millions of American car owners are experiencing because the national Highway Traffic Safety Administration's investigations concerning vehicle defects are lagging longer than anticipated. As a result there may be very large numbers of drivers (including those is Weston and throughout

The Constitutionality of The 2012 PIP Act

An Order granting a temporary injunction against Florida's Chapter 2012-197, Laws of Florida (2012 PIP Act or "the Act") was issued on March 15, 2013 in the Circuit Court for the Second Judicial Circuit of Florida. The Plaintiffs were comprised of (only and possibly prematurely) chiropractic physicians, massage therapists and acupuncturists, challenging the constitutionality of

New Florida Law Evens The Playing Field for Speeding Motorists

As of January 1st it is no longer illegal in the state of Florida to warn other drivers of speeding traps by flickering your high beams. Over the past seven years, approximately 10,000 Floridians have been cited for warning other drivers of upcoming speeding traps. As a result, these drivers would typically receive a fine