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I have often lectured that the use and operation of a car or any motorized vehicle, whether in Weston or anywhere in the state of Florida is a privilege, not a right; and that privilege comes with the enormous responsibility of constantly operating that vehicle with the appropriate due care so as to avoid injury or death to others as a result of one’s potential carelessness or neglect.

While today, many of the automobiles driven in Weston and throughout Florida are being manufactured with more sophisticated options, including those intended to either prevent injury or reduce them, we are nevertheless seeing an increase in the number of severe injuries that victims of Weston automobile accidents are suffering. The representation of Weston victims of automobile accidents should not logically be assigned to an attorney who may have more knowledge in marketing than in maximizing the recovery for a victim of a serious Weston automobile accident. We strongly recommend that you consider selecting a Weston personal injury automobile accident attorney like this firm based upon our almost 37 years of extraordinary hard work ethics and steadfastness to investigating and champion these cases so as to obtain the highest monetary recoveries for our Weston personal injury automobile accident clients.

Legal representation involves a serious commitment, and regardless of whether you are retaining an attorney on a contingent fee basis you will pay your attorney handsomely and therefore you deserve to obtain an attorney that practices with the highest level of integrity and commitment towards the best interests of their clients. Weston automobile accident cases can be complex and require an arsenal of experienced experts to assist in obtaining all the facts, evidence and the proof to establish liability under even the most trying of fact patterns. Experience also pays in situations where there does not appear to be adequate insurance. Many times, we find millions of dollars of coverage that other firms simply overlooked. There is no substitute for ethics, hard work and 36 years of experience. If you or your loved ones have unfortunately been the victim of a Weston automobile accident, seriously consider contacting the Schulman Law Group and ask to speak directly to Weston Attorney Marvin S. Schulman, Esq, so that you may be able to determine whether you are entitled to proper compensation, by calling 954-2349-3300, or by emailing us at: info@schulaw.com.