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Mediation comes under the concept of alternative dispute resolution. While we here at the Schulman Law Group support and believe that the American and Florida jury system is the world’s finest and is still the most righteous form of administering to conflicts and disputes, for many reasons modern day justice often requires the assistance of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Modern day litigation can be quite time consuming. Court dockets are over-crowded and overburdened in many jurisdictions, and in particular Broward, Dade and Palm Beach County, Florida. There is an abundance of foreclosure litigation clogging many judges calendars; and not enough Court rooms are available, nor enough Judges to try each case. And the costs of protracted litigation – from actual litigation costs and expenses, to the inevitable attorneys’ fees – are forever rising.

Therefore, minimizing time, expenses, and aggravation is vital when attempting to resolve most legal disputes. Mediation is an option that can be considered by parties attempting to resolve a dispute as it may save everyone a great deal of time and money; but more importantly allow the parties to decide their own outcome as opposed to leaving it up to jurors or the Judge. Mediation can be used to solve divorce and family matters, as well as business, personal injury, or employment claims.

In Mediation a case only settles if the parties agree. The way mediation works, is a neutral third-party (the mediator) will assist the disputing parties in truly hearing and learning what each other parties contentions are and allowing them to assess what are the prospects of continuing on with litigation as opposed to settling.

Mediators often try to sell the position that if they have done a good job, both parties are somewhat disappointed.

It is this attorney’s position if our client’s case has been properly prepare and our client has been properly informed we will produce the best outcome possible for our client or we won’t recommend they settle.

It is essential to choose the right attorney to represent your interests at a Mediation. It is the role of a good Mediation attorney to provide each client with the opportunity to consider resolving their lawsuit without the need for further litigation, trials and appeals. The Schulman Law Group is particularly skilled at representing clients at a Mediation and knows how to properly prepare and attend Mediation so as to create the best possible outcome for its clients. The Schulman Law Group has over 30 years experience in resolving cases by Mediation and brings with it all that knowledge and experience that can make the difference in an outstanding outcome.

The role of an attorney at Mediation may be quite different than the role of an attorney at trial or during litigation. In order to not only protect the client’s interests, but ensure the best possible outcome one must be particularly adept at negotiating at Mediation. Suffice it to say, the role of an accomplished attorney at a Mediation is to discover what the adversary is truly willing to compromise to and then push them further.

Because of our extensive litigation experience, we thoroughly understand the limits of adversarial litigation in advancing the client’s interests. For more information regarding the particular advantages of considering the Schulman Law Group for Mediation and legal representation please feel free to contact us at >954-349-3300, 877-529-0444 or info@www.schulaw.com.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]