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Tesla Crashes into Fort Lauderdale-Area Gym, Autonomous Acceleration to Blame?

A Tesla Model S recently crashed into the door of a Lighthouse Point gym as it was pulling into a parking spot located in front of the fitness facility. According to the driver of the vehicle, the accident was allegedly caused when the Tesla suddenly accelerated autonomously, causing the vehicle to drive over the parking

Jose Fernandez’ Boating Accident Highlights Florida Boating Regulations

South Florida is well known for being a boater’s paradise, however it is also known for being one of the more dangerous regions for recreational boaters, as well. The U.S. Coast Guard ranked Florida as the state with the highest number of boating accidents totaling 671, nine of which were fatal, causing 52 deaths. California

Car Leaves Scene After Accident with Golf Cart

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating an accident in which a golf cart was hit by a vehicle that fled the scene. A resident of The Villages was driving his golf cart to a nearby grocery store when a sedan hit the right rear passenger side of the cart. The force of the impact knocked

Study Finds Medical Malpractice is Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

According to a recent study, medical malpractice is now responsible for the death of an estimated 250,000 Americans each year.  Medical malpractice can include unnecessary surgery, medication / pharmaceutical errors, hospital-acquired infections, and other hospital errors. Unfortunately, because of the manner in which many of these types of death are often classified statistically, they may

Self-Driving Cars and the Potential Effect on Your Auto Insurance

While Florida has begun to tackle the legal concerns surrounding ride-sharing programs like Uber and Lyft by attempting to ensure that adequate insurance coverage is maintained in the event passengers suffer bodily injury during a car accident, the development of self-driving cars is sure to cause more headaches for state lawmakers. Companies like Google and