Today is a day of reflection that resonates throughout each and every one of us in some fashion or other;

It is a time of sorrow for those who had been ruthlessly murdered and it is also a time to appreciate how fundamentally fortunate we are as Americans to live in our great country;

9/11 resonates in each of us a particular sense of relation as citizens; and yet reminds us of how suddenly life can cause us to be victims;

9/11 is a time to renew our commitments for freedom, for liberty and for justice;

9/11 is an example of the classic confrontation between good and evil, between inexplicable horror and profound caring and kindness;

9/11 is a time of reflection that challenges our happiness and reinforces it at the same time;

9/11 is a time to forget about party affiliation and political persuasion;

9/11 is a time to re-commit each of ourselves to the virtues of goodness.