Car Accidents

Operating a motor vehicle in Florida is a privilege that comes with the serious responsibility of driving with the appropriate care to avoid injuring others. Motor vehicle accidents often cause serious disabling injuries, or death. Consequently, a motor vehicle in Florida is legally considered to be a “dangerous instrumentality.” More simply put, a carelessly operated vehicle can be more dangerous than a bullet. The negligent operation of a vehicle will often lead to injuries, causing overwhelming and life changing difficulties to innocent victims.

Many factors can contribute to the cause of a collision; such as the vehicle’s improper design or maintenance, nuances in the roadway, the speed of operation, the failure to yield the right of way, failing to stop, failing to keep safe distances between two vehicles, taking a turn at a too fast speed, improper road design, drunk driving, texting while driving, cell phone usage while driving, and other matters that can cause one to neglect the proper operation of their vehicle on the roadways of Weston, Fort Lauderdale and throughout, Florida.

According to a 2011 report conducted by the National Safety Council, there were approximately 10.8 million car accidents across the United States in the year 2009. As a result of those accidents, approximately 35,900 people were killed. An additional 3.5 million were non-fatally injured as a result of the collisions. Approximately one out of every four car accidents resulted in some sort of injured victim. These numbers exemplify the importance of obtaining qualified legal representation in pursuing a claim arising out of a car accident.

There are many significant considerations that only the most competent and experienced Weston and Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys can properly advise and represent their clients through a settlement or trial for a car accident injury case. The attorneys at the Schulman Law Group are committed to our code of skillful, caring legal representation, “hard work ethics” and “exhaustive preparation” that has proven to be the right methods for obtaining our clients’ success, throughout Mr. Schulman’s 33 year career.

The car accident attorneys at the Schulman Law Group know how to obtain uninsured or underinsured motorist benefits and how to “stack” your own benefits in those circumstances where the individual who caused the accident is not insured or not insured for enough to cover your dollar losses. The car accident attorneys at the Schulman Law Group particularly know how to seek and recover the full benefits that you are entitled to that under the circumstances other attorneys less committed and knowledgeable may overlook.

The Schulman Law Group has helped thousands of car accident personal injury victims; and has obtained millions of dollars in compensation for them. We have the experience and the resources to assist you and your family through each of the difficulties you may face and will work hard to obtain the most compensation for each of our clients.

In most cases, we will get your lost wages, medical bills, property damage and other related costs reimbursed tvo you without charging any fee. We will take over the burden of exclusively dealing with your own insurance company. Even if you are not sure if you were at fault, please consult with us immediately.

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