"I first met Marvin regarding business matters not related to his law practice. I was very impressed with the way Marvin carried himself as to his intelligence, personality and values.

Shortly after those meetings with Marvin I was involved in an auto accident that resulted from another driver making a left turn before the signal changed and hitting me just about head on. Knowing that was one of Marvin’s specialties I called him as soon as I could. I immediately learned that my first impressions of Marvin carried over to his great skill as a lawyer representing an accident victim. Marvin listens to you and to his credit he tells you what you should hear rather than what you want to hear. He is warm and caring and that flows down to any contact you have with his friendly and competent staff. Anyone needing a lawyer of Marvin’s specialty could do no better than Marvin Schulman."


"I suffered a massive accident that left me severely disabled. I was run over by an automobile after dinner while walking my dog with my spouse. I was in intensive care and hospitalized for months. My wife was totally overwhelmed with my care, legal and insurance matters, monstrous hospital and doctor bills, her work, our children and the house. I feared that I wouldn’t survive and called my personal attorney to seek advice on a myriad of legal matters that we were facing. She referred us to Marvin telling us he was the BEST PI attorney she knew. Marvin reached out to Patty by phone and he then came to my bedside at the hospital impressing me with his compassion and comprehension of the issues we were facing. We had to deal with the legal matters specifically related to the accident, payment of hospital bills by the various insurers, manage the uninsured motorist claim, settle liens placed by the various health insurers on my insurance settlements and last but not least, Marvin assisted me in obtaining permanent disability from Social Security and my private insurer. Marvin truly cares about his clients and seeks to do his very best for each of them. Even years after my accident, I value Marvin’s counsel and wisdom and will be forever grateful for his help during a very dark time in my life."


" I had an automobile accident which resulted in long term physical therapy and eventual surgery, We had no clue as to what we were facing. An attorney through my husbands real estate office highly recommended Marvin Schulman. We made an appointment with his office. Upon arriving, we were greeted by his wonderful staff, his professional and well appointed office. Marv immediately made an impression on us as he guided us to doctors, therapists. We liked his outgoing and honest demeanor and soon found that his suggestions for treatment included among the best in Broward County. A few months later, my husband was physically backed into by a tourist bus at the port of Miami and severely injured. Again, we took this case to Marv and his staff. We used the same medical team and therapists. Marv also assisted us in getting clearance from a cardiologist as Brad needed immediate surgery for his severe bone injuries. No one wanted to touch him as he had stenotic heart problems and of course, a lawsuit. Marv got it done. We spent many months in consultation with both Marv and his staff. We never felt we were clients, we were like family. In just 2 1/2 half years both cases were settled within days of each other. The cases were settled to our advantage and more than we had hoped for. My husband has had long term problems from some of his injuries but he was sufficiently awarded for that also. When we were no longer required to have weekly consultation with Marv and his staff, we missed them, respected them, and would not hesitate to use him again if ever need be. Also, he would be the only attorney we would recommend to friends and family. We still occasionally hear from him and welcome the exchange of niceties. Lucky Us. Brad and Helen H. "

Helen H.

"Soon after my auto accident in Weston, I was recommended to the Schulman Law Group, Marvin Schulman, Esq, to represent and guide me in dealing with my auto case. I am a retired executive with a considerable experience in dealing with attorneys. Marvin impressed me so much and so well that I signed up the legal documents for him to represent me in our first meeting. He guided me in getting the proper medical treatments, his office dealt with all calls from insurance companies, doctors, and such. He got me the most in settlement legally possible without court battles. His office negotiated lowering down the unpaid medical bills. In September of 2016, I had another auto accident, hit in the rear, and Marvin is handling my case.

Aside from his legal expertise and prowess, Marvin is a man of exemplary ethics, soft-spoken and endearing manners, and has a superb staff. His executive assistant, Sarah Oliver, has been with him for some 30 years, and she is an embodiment of service with a smile. His better half, Michelle, is often in the office assisting the staff and Marvin. Michelle is a highly educated (PhD) professional in her own right, a soft spoken, dedicated, impressive, and graceful lady. I have met his youngest son, a promising law student. And, he has met my son, a free lance attorney in Boston, licensed to practice in MA and NY. Marvin has offered him access to his golf club!

I am sure there are other competent attorneys but what distinguishes Marvin most from any other attorney is his full command of needed legal care from A to Z. One feels totally at ease in his hands, him doing the best legal maneuvers for you, and letting you focus on whatever else is important to you in your life.

Over time I have availed of his expertise, connections, and recommendations in finding an auto agent, a health club, an attorney for estate planning, will, and trust, etc. And, I have introduced him to the local Porsche dealer. I have come to count on him more like a friend than merely an extraordinary attorney!"


"After I met with you in I told Bonnie I just had a wonderful conference with a brilliant and professional attorney.

Since that first meeting, you have continued to conduct yourself as a brilliant and professional attorney. Also, Linda Dillistin and Sarah Oliver have been just as professional and also very caring and understanding of my past situation.

My appreciation far exceeds any possible measurement.

I am truly thankful that we met. Thank you for helping me in a manner very difficult to explain. The caring, kindness and concern you showed me during the last two years and 2 months cannot be measured.

Bonnie and I both greatly appreciate and thank you for all of the help you have given both of us during this time.

I look at you as a friend and hope to be your friend for many, many years into the future."

John B.

"I just want to establish the fact that your firm has helped me out tremendously and I can’t thank you enough. Even though my case isn’t much, you continued to treat my case as if you were going to make millions. When you said you would call, you did; you were always on top of everything. I would highly recommend your firm to anyone who needed you. You have an absolutely wonderful, caring firm, and I can’t say enough good things about them. Everyone, is always friendly whenever I call. It’s a pleasure doing business with them. I know who ever uses them, will be glad they did. Marvin, Sarah, and everyone that works there —- thanks for caring! "

Marilyn B.

"A poem written for Mr. Schulman: “Our world is a college, events are teachers, happiness is the graduating point, and character is the diploma G-d gives man.” We need people of scope, power and courage to take the lies to trial; the hopes of others to bear on their shoulders, be voices of the weak and of the defeated strong; to build a world proud to be alive in exhilarating to experience; where every beauty, however delicate, has some real chance to survive, to flourish without self-defense to impair its natural outpouring."


"I wanted to personally thank you for handling my daughter Stephanie’s Insurance matters, as you are well aware the car accident she was involved with in conjunction with the many surgeries and long recovery period was quite emotional and stressful for her. Your kind personal understanding and interaction with Stephanie certainly provided her with great comfort and confidence through her difficult times.

I also appreciate your dedication to resolving the insurance issues in such a timely and professional manner, and for your assistance in helping Stephanie select the most advantageous investment vehicle. Having never been involved in a situation such as this, and not knowing what to expect, it was quite comforting to know how accessible you were for us as we had many unanswered questions, for which you always provided the best guidance. I am pleased to tell you that Stephanie has fully recovered from the accident and is enjoying her life once again.

Thank you for your kind personal involvement and professional services."

Steve P.

"I have known Marvin Schulman for over 25 years. I was referred to him by a friend of mine for my stepfather who had an accident at the present time.

When we first met I truly felt his passion for his work and his genuine nature to help people. I later had the personal experience of having a true expert in the field handling my wife’s case when she had a motor vehicle accident. He thoroughly explained the whole process from start to finish and told me what to expect. Marvin met and exceeded my expectations. The outcome of our case resulted better than expected, which was directly related to his outstanding negotiating ability as a top notch attorney.

We immediately created a bond of friendship which I hold to a great esteem. In my professional career as a business owner for over 20 years he has handled many other legal matters for me and business associates. He has given me nothing but good advice throughout the years.

I respect his wisdom and good nature as a man and trust his judgment as the legal expert he truly is. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to friends and family as I have in the past. He has surrounded himself with a support staff that is second to none. Expect good legal advice when you go to the Marvin Schulman Law Firm."

Ricardo O.

"Maritza and I are very grateful for the work that you have done. I don’t have enough words to thank you. Like I told you before, you are not only my lawyer but my friend. You are a true professional in the field that you have chosen and to me having a good relationship between a lawyer and his client is a very important one.

You did just that with us.

Also, I want to thank your staff Sarah, Judi and Steve, they are second to none. I will recommend your services to anyone that will need a professional lawyer like you.

Keep up the good work. You always will be in my mind."

Fernando & Maritza

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