Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one may be that much more difficult to recover from when it occurs accidentally, and as a result of another’s neglect. It is always difficult to move forward. Of course, the healing process is great; the emotional pain; the unexpected financial burdens that can seem overwhelming; but underlying all that, may be the need to really know what happened – if it was avoidable – if someone was truly to blame and may be legally responsible for all the ensuing damages. That is the pursuit of righteous justice.

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one and you have a reasonable basis to question that a loved one’s death was not only avoidable but was as the result of another’s carelessness or neglect, seeking the advice from the right professionals may be your best avenue for obtaining the truth and healing.

When a spouse or child suffers the loss of their loved one or parent as the result of the negligence of another, pursuant to Florida and Federal Law, they may have the right to receive compensation from those individuals, corporate entities, or their insurance companies that are liable for all recoverable damages (under a claim for wrongful death). The legal handling of a wrongful death case is a very serious undertaking that demands the utmost of resources and tenacity, as well as professional skill and caring. While every personal injury case has its devastating elements, the area of wrongful death requires a particularly experienced and skillful attorney and law firm to see that justice is properly obtained.

Unfortunately in Florida there are many statutes and laws, which make the process of seeking compensation on behalf of a Decedent’s survivors particularly challenging, which even more so demands considering the right personal injury, wrongful death, accident lawyers to represent those left behind.

There are also various time limitations, which one must be aware of in considering bringing an action for the wrongful loss of a beloved parent, child, or spouse. Those who may recover for a wrongful death claim in Florida include: (1) a living spouse (2) a blood relative wholly or partly dependent upon the deceased (3) living children of the deceased, (if for a medical malpractice claim, the child need be under the age twenty-five or financially dependent upon the Decedent); and (4) the deceased’s Estate. The Schulman Law Group takes great professional pride in representing families and loved ones in seeking justice for the loss of family members; whether it arose from a vehicular accident, a product failure, medical malpractice, building collapse, or from nursing home neglect – to list just a few.

The Schulman Law Group has obtained remarkable results on behalf of wrongful death victims for over thirty three years. Our skilled and compassionate trial law firm provides relentlessly aggressive representation on behalf of our clients who have survived the victim of a wrongful death.

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