Bike Accidents

South Florida’s climate, throughout it’s subdivisions of Weston, Florida, Pembroke Pines, Florida, Southwest Ranches, Florida, Plantation and Plantation Acres, Florida and the like provide an unusually conducive venue for biking enthusiasts. The region offers bikers many miles of flat terrain and blue skies for bicycle riders to get out and explore. Whether you are an adult enthusiast who rides for skill, the challenge, the athletic achievement or you are a child who rides for pleasure, to socialize with other children, to get to and from school, to assist with shopping/chores or getting to sporting activities. There are few places as conducive to the use of bicycles as South Florida.

Unfortunately, accelerated transportation by the use of a bicycle exposes the rider to the risks of the road. These risks arise as bicyclist must perform their activity by riding on streets, roadways or along busy avenues and thoroughfares, or through the exposure to neighborhood traffic, busy school areas or motorists entering to and from their driveways – bicyclists are at risk.

A nationally recognized study by the organization, Right of Way, has determined that while investigating police agencies throughout the country try to associate blame on the cyclists, in 75% of cycling deaths over 90% of cyclists deaths are the fault of motor vehicle drivers.

In another nationally released study it was determined that 3 out of 4 at fault drivers were never even cited for causing injuries to cyclists; and that 22% of fatal pedestrian crashes involved hit and run drivers. In fact, a statistical study has revealed that 74% of drivers who are at fault in killing pedestrians and cyclists did not even get a ticket.

As a result of this increase risk, the unfortunate occurrence of a collision between a cyclist and an automobile has been on the rise. The manner in which these events occur are not the same but instead have slight variations. An accident could be the result of your own conduct, or it could involve a collision with an automobile or another bicyclist. Regardless of the circumstances, the root cause of the accident is usually the result of somebody’s negligence. This could be the driver’s negligence, the cyclist’s negligence, both the driver and the cyclist, or the local government responsible for the condition of the roads. When you or somebody you knows has experienced this type of accident there are many steps that need to be taken to ensure that physical, mental and compensatory needs are met.

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