Child Injuries

Our children are precious to us and they are our wards and responsibility. It is up to us as parents, guardians or caretakers, or as schoolteachers, or as physicians, or as babysitters, or as bus operators, or as moms and dads in car pools and the like, to be sure to protect the well-being of our children and to prevent injuries to this protected class of individuals.

Any injury or death of a child is the ultimate pain that a family can have to deal with; and while the circumstances that may be the cause of the injuries will differ from case to case, at the Schulman Law Group our passion, understanding, integrity and professionalism will be unwavering as we act towards securing the proper recovery for your child and family.

Florida’s Law considers children, or minors as a protected class of individuals. By designating children as a protected class of individuals, the law seeks to help ensure that the interest and well-being of children are looked after. When a child is injured, the caretaker has the responsibility to take those steps to assure that not only are the child’s medical or psychiatric issues attended to, but that the child’s rights to seek civil justice and obtain money damages for their injuries and losses be obtained in the most professional and effective manner.

The Schulman Law Group is particularly committed and experienced with obtaining the right justice on behalf of minor children who are injured. The child injury lawyers at the Schulman Law Group are knowledgeable of all the considerations that must be addressed in a Florida personal injury case on behalf of a minor child. Not only must a child’s action be brought in the name of a guardian or through an Estate’s personal representative (in the event of a wrongful death case), but certain settlements on behalf of a minor first must obtain the Court’s approval.

The Schulman Law Group has over thirty four years of experience in looking after the rights of injured children and assisting, in not only obtaining the right money recovery, but also protecting the child’s judgment or settlement funds so that it is there for her or him for all the needs that may arise over the course of their lives.

If you need assistance with a child injury, you can trust Schulman Law Group to navigate the complexities of child injury cases with precision and care, ensuring your child's rights are vigorously defended and rightful compensation is secured, allowing them to heal and thrive with confidence. Feel free to contact the lawyers at The Schulman Law Group either by phone at +1 (954) 349-3300 or through our Contact Us page.

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    Child Injuries