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The Schulman Law Group is particularly committed to representing victims of slip & fall and premises injuries. We have an outstanding record of recovering Millions of dollars for damages for our clients in these kinds of cases. Fall injuries cases demand a particularly righteous attorney who wants and knows how to successfully litigate them.

Individuals who are injured on another’s property, whether because they slipped and fell or because of any number of defects on the property can suffer very serious injuries, or even death. Property owners who cause injury to others may be liable if the property owner or tenant failed to maintain the property according to an appropriate standard of care. There are many ways that property owners, persons, or companies working on property can carelessly cause injury to others. The Schulman Law Group’s slip & fall accident lawyers once determined that a general contractor on a construction site at a Miami-Dade County, Florida energy plant altered construction from the original building plans submitted to the applicable Building Department. As a result, our client’s husband was horrifically killed (by his own employer’s gross carelessness). Our firm obtained the assistance from an extraordinary expert who was involved in saving lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. As a result, the Schulman Law Group was able to recover millions of dollars in damages for our client.

In the more common cases, it may seem improbable, but a fall injury can produce some of the most devastating injuries an accident victim can suffer. As a result, Florida’s laws have placed great attention at attempting to protect us from the risks of careless property owners and managers who may neglect their grounds at the risk of a pedestrian’s slipping, tripping, or falling. All Florida counties and cities including the counties of Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Monroe, as well as Okeechobee Counties have very specific building codes so as to avoid the risk of injury to persons coming upon someone’s property.

The status of the visitor to the property plays an important role in Florida’s premise liability law. In Florida, a person who is an “invitee” of the premise owner, is owed the duty of reasonable care. An invitee will often be a social guest or someone who is on the property in the furtherance of a business transaction. The law differs in Florida, however, with regard to those considered trespassers. An undiscovered trespasser (one whom the owner of the property is unaware of) is owed no duty whatsoever. A discovered trespasser (one whom the owner is aware of) is owed the duty to warn of known, hidden dangers on the property.

The construction of the ground we walk over must anticipate a certain degree or co-efficiency of friction so as to prevent or avoid slipping accidents. Stairs or steps running in a continual pattern must be of identical height and length – if one step is longer or wider than another a disastrous misstep could occur resulting in an ankle, bimaleolar, or trimalleolar fracture, hip fracture, spinal column injuries, concussions, shoulder or knee injuries, or even death.

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