Trucking Accidents

Practically everything we use, eat, or wear arrives on trucks which travel for many hours on Americas highways. While America’s commerce benefits from the trucking industry, these multi-ton vehicles can be extremely dangerous. In addition to careless driving, there are many other factors that can cause or contribute to a trucking accident.

Trucks are more difficult to operate safely than passenger vehicles on congested roadways, typically requiring longer stopping distances, and therefore should never speed or tailgate. In addition, trucks have larger “blind spots” than passenger vehicles and may have worn-out parts from the extraordinary mileage they travel along. Trucks can be prone to jack-knifing because of improper weight distribution and a higher center of gravity, which may result in a spill or loss of load, causing accidents and potential injuries to others. Finally, trucks are sometimes driven by drivers who have driven way too long without a timely rest, or have been awake far too long to remain alert.

According to the National Safety Council, in 2009 3,380 people were killed as a result of traffic collisions involving large trucks. Of the 3,380 people killed over 75 percent were those traveling in vehicles other than the large trucks that may have caused the accident. Large truck fatalities often result from multiple-vehicle collisions. In 2008, 82 percent of large trucks in fatal crashes involved a multiple-vehicle collision. Of the trucks involved in multiple-vehicle collisions, 30 percent entailed front-end collisions resulting in death to innocent victims. It is clear from the statistics that when large trucks collide with other vehicles on the road, serious injury or death is always an unfortunate possibility, furthering the need for quality representation from an attorney with years of trucking litigation experience and expertise, such as the lawyers at the Schulman Law Group.

The ability to determine if there is a case and to obtain full compensation against negligent trucking companies requires a particularly committed, skilled, and experienced trucking accident law firm. At the Schulman Law Group we have the commitment, skills, financial resources, and most importantly, the experience to obtain just compensation for trucking accident victims. We have the ability to access those experts who can determine all the various factors that may have contributed to the truck driver’s neglect, the owner’s neglect, or possibly the manufacturer’s liability (it could be related to a braking mechanism failure; or steering design failure or how is was assembled, or manufactured; it could have been caused by suspension issues, chassis failures, or a myriad of other technical issues or failures). In order to determine the cause of the accident, the Schulman Law Group knows how to obtain the truck’s design records, its maintenance records, the truck driver’s previous driving records, their trip logs, the vehicles “black boxes,” and computer data to determine whether the truck violated either Florida or Federal Traffic rules and laws and help prove the trucking company’s fault. The truck companies hire good law firms to try to avoid compensating you or to minimize their responsibilities and therefore you should hire even better legal counsel. They look to avoid and delay your compensation, and therefore you need to be represented by the right truck accident lawyers who are truly talented and know how to get the case done right for you.

Many of our clients who have been involved in trucking accidents have suffered terrible bodily injuries often requiring surgery and years of rehabilitation. The Schulman Law Group is committed to providing victims of trucking accidents, with our particular knowledge and expertise of these devastating personal injury cases, in order to obtain your rightful compensation. We encourage you to speak with one of our truck accident attorneys and learn the ways that the Schulman Law Group may be able to greatly benefit you. Please feel free to contact us at any time of day or night at (954) 349-3300 or contact us at

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