Whistleblower or
Qui Tam Actions

The Schulman Law Group is committed to providing skillful counseling to individuals who believe they haveuncovered fraudulent practices and those who are committed to stopping it. A whistleblower is an employee who believes their employer is engaging in some sort of illegal activity and wants to come forward and report the wrongdoing. There are a number of incentives for individuals to come forward and act as “whistleblowers”particularly when the government is allegedly being defrauded, or if various SEC Rules may have been violated. Coming forward as a “whistleblower” requires careful consideration, counseling and forethought. It is also imperative that the appropriate steps are followed to ensure that the incentives and protections provided by the False Claims Act (31 USC S 3729 for Federal claims and Florida Statutes S 68.082 for Florida claims) are preserved. Florida Law has protections in place for whistleblowers to encourage those who suspect wrongdoing to come forward and report what they have observed.

The Schulman Law Group is committed to providing sound counsel, guidance, and representation to “whistleblowers”, throughout the process skillfully ensuring that their interests are well protected.

These matters may be brought forth by nurses, receptionists, accountants, attorneys, physicians or other health care professionals, who have reliable information involving alleged fraudulent conduct.

The alleged fraudulent activity may have been perpetrated against Medicare or MedicaidSEC claims may consist of known violations of the SEC regulations and those seeking SEC whistleblower rewards; and IRS whistleblower claims may pertain to individuals who have knowledge of unpaid taxes to be reported as violations under the Tax Relief and Healthcare Act or similar laws.

Whistleblower claims may be brought against the state or federal government and can include a variety of actions including tax fraud, Medicare fraud, social security fraud, securities fraud, or any other fraud related claim.

Under Florida Law, recovery for a whistleblower can be very similar to that of other discriminatory practices. A court may require an employer reinstate the employee into the same position they were in prior to bringing the claim. Furthermore, the court may order an injunction, effectively preventing the employer from engaging in the wrongful conduct at any time in the future. Finally, the employee who brought the claim may be eligible to receive lost wages and benefits for the time lost while the action was pending.

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