An Alabama man who was paralyzed in a frightening tractor-trailer accident was originally awarded $18.79 million in a lawsuit against the company that had recently serviced his trucking equipment days earlier.

However, due to an agreement reached by lawyers prior to the jury’s decision, Mr. Lacy will receive $14 million.  Pursuant to the award, Empire Truck Sales agreed to pay at least $2 million and no more than $14 million, even if the jury ended up finding for the defense.  Lacy is due to receive the portion of the money being paid by Empire within thirty days.

Mr. Lacy spent over two months in the hospital.  His attorney, Greg Allen, said that his client will be wheelchair-bound for the remainder of his life.  Lacy’s girlfriend, who had been with him for only a couple of weeks prior to the accident, has remained by his side and helped care for him.  Mr. Allen said this settlement will allow Mr. Lacy to customize his home and provide him with income since the accident robbed him of his livelihood.

Mr. Lacy was driving his rig to a job site in Florida in July 2011, when he lost control of his truck west of Tallahassee.  When Mr. Lacy attempted to slow the vehicle, the anti-lock brake system failed.  According to allegations made by Mr. Lacy’s lawyers, Empire Truck Sales had serviced the vehicle the previous month but had left a lateral control rod detached.  Three days before the accident, Mr. Lacy noticed the truck vibrating and returned it to the dealership where the company failed to repair the defect.

Despite Alabama having joint and several liability laws in cases such as this, because the accident took place in Florida, its state law applied and jurors were instructed what portion of blame belonged to which parties.  Empire Truck Sales was found to be 80% liable of the accident.

Weston and Fort Lauderdale accidents involving tractor-trailer trucks carry with them added complexity.  It is important that if you find yourself in a collision with a tractor-trailer, be sure to consult an experienced and skillful Fort Lauderdale trucking accident personal injury attorney to make sure that your interests are competently represented.

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