Three individuals were arrested by the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud for the operation of an unlicensed medical clinic that was an integral part of a wider personal injury protection (PIP) fraud scheme, according to officials.

Unity Pain and Injury Center was allegedly owned by Dr. Lherisson Domond of South Florida, from February to December 2012, but the clinic was operated by several unlicensed individuals who purportedly offered to pay Dr. Domond upwards of $1,500 a month for the use of his name.

The Department of Financial Services’ Division of Insurance Fraud conducted the investigation which revealed that the clinic illegally provided medical treatment and other therapies to individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents.  The treatments were then billed to various insurance companies under the PIP coverage of each patient’s policy.

Domond has admitted to entering into the agreement to be paid for the use of his name in the scheme.  The investigation also revealed that Nesly Loute and Pierre Alex Herisse, hired clinic staff and managed its operations.

The three individuals face felony fraud charges, operating an unlicensed clinic and grand theft that could carry sentences up to 30 years.

Here again we see a well-publicized case regarding the prevalence of alleged PIP fraud in Florida.  As we have discussed before, however, PIP fraud has been an issue in decline, especially in South Florida, since the passage of new legislation in 2012.  It is important that those who are injured in a motor vehicle accident be cognizant of the treatment they seek from various medical providers.  These individuals are often shaken up and might miss some of the warning signs that may point to an allegedly unlicensed practitioner.

This is just one of many reasons why you should consult a personal injury attorney with integrity and experience in these matters, if you find yourself injured in a motor vehicle accident.  Not only will a skilled attorney be able to assist you in recovering the compensation you may rightfully be entitled to from the insurance companies involved, they can also provide counsel as to who may be well regarded sources of medical treatment, and at the very least, be a calming voice in a turbulent time.

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