We all know driving is a dangerous activity, but apparently it’s more dangerous in some states than others, especially in terms of the effect it can have on your wallet.

A new study done by WalletHub found that Florida ranked as the riskiest state to be involved in a car accident. 

The study noted that Florida earned this unwelcomed honor due to a combination of uninsured and underinsured drivers, as well as the minimal liability coverage requirements mandated by the Florida Legislature.  The study looked at state insurance policies, how much liability insurance drivers must have, whether personal injury protection is required and whether they protect against uninsured drivers.

The proportion of drivers with no insurance ranged from a nationwide high of 25.9 percent in Oklahoma, to a low of 3.9 percent in Massachusetts.  Florida checked in just under Oklahoma in terms of estimated number of uninsured drivers, with a whopping 23.8 percent.  Florida also ranked low due to its requirement that drivers only need to carry what is commonly referred to as a “10/20” policy, meaning drivers only need, at minimum, $10,000 in liability coverage.  Florida also does not require drivers to carry uninsured motorist coverage.

Other states lenient in their requirements were California, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Some of the most stringent states in the Union were Texas, North Carolina and Maine.

It is important that all drivers are aware of their exact coverage and, more importantly, any gaps in coverage that may exist.  Uninsured motorist coverage is crucial, especially in a state like Florida, where there are a high percentage of not only uninsured drivers, but underinsured ones as well, thanks to the low liability coverage requirements. 

For the complete findings of this study state by state, click here.

We highly recommend everyone purchases the most underinsured motorist coverage that your insurance company is offering.  It is truly your best investment in Florida automobile insurance.

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