An 85-year-old man was killed this past Tuesday in an accident involving a golf cart and another vehicle according to Florida Highway Patrol.

Reports say that the man, Frances Hughes, died at the Villages Regional Hospital after his golf cart collided with a minivan.  According to the report, Mr. Hughes was driving on Morse Boulevard in the his golf cart when he attempted a left-hand turn on to Fuentez Avenue, and mistakenly traveled into the path of the oncoming vehicle.

The minivan struck the passenger side of Mr. Hughes’ golf cart in the southbound lanes of Morse Boulevard.  Mr. Hughes was ejected from the golf cart, while the minivan crashed into a ditch and came to rest on the grass shoulder running along Morse Boulevard.

Charges are still pending in this matter.

Golf cart drivers and their occupants need to take particular heed of the fact that they are in a motorized vehicle that is potentially as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than any other car or motorcycle on the roadway.

All vehicles in the state of Florida come under the concept of dangerous instrumentality. Accidents involving golf carts can be quite significant and do entitle victims to the benefits of the civil justice system.  Most such accidents are covered by some form of liability insurance coverage.

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