A South Florida hospital has been sued by a senior citizen who is alleged to have fallen and sustained significant injuries as the result of the Florida hospital’s negligence.

Attorneys for the Plaintiff claim that she lived a fully independent lifestyle until she presented to West Boca Medical Center in September of 2015 with a minor medical issue, and when she eventually left the hospital she was disabled for life.   Specifically, it is alleged that while she was at the Boca Raton hospital the nursing staff failed to use more than two guardrails on her bed, which caused her to fall when she searched for the nurse call button late at night.  The fall resulted in the Plaintiff suffering a fractured hip, and because the break was along the neck of the femur, that it required surgery and a two-month stay at a rehabilitation facility.

Since then, Plaintiff claims that the break never healed properly and that she is confined to a walker, which has irreparably altered her life.  The allegation is that the Boca Raton hospital staff should have used four guardrails instead of only two.  Attorneys for the Boca hospital contend that this was merely an accident, and that the use of two guardrails was completely reasonable.

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury while being treated at a hospital in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area, including any nursing homes, assisted living and rehabilitation facilities, it is important to contact a Fort Lauderdale attorney with experience in nursing home injury cases, to ensure that an injured party is protected and competently represented.

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