A Florida woman and married mother of three recently passed away after a hit-and-run golf cart accident.  The woman, who was visiting her parents with her three sons and sister, was found some time after the Florida golf cart crash, suffering from critical injuries.

A 36-year-old man from North Carolina was charged with hit-and-run causing great bodily injury and driving under the influence causing great bodily injury as a result of the Florida golf cart accident.  Witnesses say that the man was seen dragging the woman’s body after striking her out to a median on a main road around 2 a.m.  This alleged act may have potentially been done to make it look as if she had been struck by a vehicle on the roadway and left there.

Police soon found the golf cart driver, with blood and other evidence that led police to believe he was directly involved in the Florida golf cart accident.  This unimaginable tragedy is just another reminder that the use of Florida golf carts for transportation can be every bit as dangerous, and in many cases, more so, than travelling in a traditional vehicle.

Florida golf cart occupants are often left exposed and accidents involving golf carts frequently result in occupants being ejected from the golf cart where proper safety precautions are not taken.  The unfortunate outcome is that the driver or passengers involved in Florida golf cart accidents are often left with significant permanent injuries.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a Weston or Fort Lauderdale Florida golf cart accident, it is important to contact a skilled, experienced Fort Lauderdale golf cart accident attorney, to ensure that your interests are adequately protected and competently represented.

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