Biomet Inc., has agreed to pay over $50 million dollars to settle lawsuits filed with regards to defective hip prosthesis designed and manufactured by them.  The particular device that was part of the failures and litigation are known as M2a Magnum.  There are hundreds of reports of failures of these prosthesis that have led to injuries.

As a condition of the settlement the manufacturer has to escrow $50 million dollars plus.  All recipients (including Weston and Fort Lauderdale, Florida residents) of either the Biomet M2a 38 or M2a Magnum hip prosthesis are scheduled to receive at least $200,000 dollars.  Claimants throughout Weston and Fort Lauderdale Florida are entitled to receive a minimum of $200,000.00 depending on whether or not the operative reports and pathology reports demonstrate ALVAL (aseptic lymphocyte-dominated vasculitis-associated lesion).

Apparently, the metal in these prosthesis enters into the blood and hip compartment, causing significant injury to the hip joint.   If one chooses to opt out of the settlement then that case would head to mediation and then if it cannot be resolved in a Fort Lauderdale or South Florida mediation then the case would continue in the Florida, Federal Court system.  The claims are predicated upon a determination that the claimant required surgical revision due to a condition named Metallosis.  Metallosis is caused by chromium and cobalt leaking from the prosthesis.  A South Florida, Weston or Davie or Fort Lauderdale claimant can either qualify for the $200,000.00 settlement amount or attempt to seek more if they can demonstrate unusual related infections, long term disabilities or other long term impairments as a result of the revision surgeries.

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